Zara – My time at Bolton GP Federation

We were very lucky to host Zara from Westhoughton High School, who joined us on work experience for a week during October. Here she reflects on her week with us and shares some of her most treasured experiences.

My time at Bolton GP Federation has been a huge eye-opening experience into the world of work: its opportunities as well as its challenges.

Applying for a work experience placement seemed to be a daunting task but when researching Bolton GP Federation, I was at ease when I saw all the amazing work that they did. There were things I did not understand though, such as what a federation did, what a PCN was etc. but I was eager to learn and all my questions were soon answered.

An introduction, as well as an induction, was given when I first arrived at the offices. I was shocked at the amount of work and people the federation supported and helped. I was also met with a whole team of friendly faces and welcoming greetings which eased my first-day jitters completely.

I got to experience a range of things in my time at the federation. The highlight of my week would have to be the meeting I observed at BRASS- a local charity which supports refugees and asylum seekers in integrating confidently into a new society. It was an amazing experience as I got to see first-hand how hard charity organisers as well as the team at the federation work to do as much as they can to help those suffering. It was saddening to hear the real-life stories of some of the refugees and asylum seekers who had come to BRASS with nothing and no one, it only made my appreciation for the charity grow when I heard about all the ideas and schemes they wanted to put in place to help even more in need across Bolton.

I also got to do interesting research on federations in the UK as well as wellbeing in the workplace. I learnt about all the services federations provide and how they strive on supporting primary care workers as well as the patients of the GPs in which the federation is in liaisons with. I also understood the importance of wellbeing and the effect that low wellbeing can have on employees. I did not see this in the federation though. I saw a happy, efficient working place where everyone knew their roles and were comfortable with one another as well as their workload.

On my last day at the federation, I was given the opportunity to visit a local vaccination clinic. I saw how GP fed. provided so many people with vital treatments and even got to spoke to the clinical lead of the centre who explained how the clinic works and the ease at which people can access it.

Overall, my time at the GP Federation has been educational, exciting and has given me high expectations of a workplace. Never once did I have nothing to do or talk with, I gained valuable advice on careers as well as a good plan to get there. I hope I am one day fortunate enough to work in an environment like this. I cannot be thankful enough for the experience I have had at the federation.