Stronger through working together

Bolton GP Federation is Bolton’s GP practices coming together to deliver primary care in a new way. ‘Stronger through working together’ is our motto. As the world of health and social care changes around us, the Federation brings GP practices together to meet these new challenges.

About our federation

The Federation is owned by Bolton GP practices and shares some of the characteristics of the old GP co-ops. Staff from many different Bolton practices come and work together in an organisation that looks after patients from across all Bolton GP practices. While the Federation is a professional body for its member practices, the organisation can bring benefits to patients by helping practices to become more efficient, work together to widen their range of services and enhance their skills.

How we are helping people living in Bolton


Working together

The Federation is a membership organisation for all the family doctor practices in Bolton. Coming together as a Federation helps practices work differently in order to meet the challenge of delivering modern primary care. Whilst the GP practice will remain as the centre of primary care, working together to deliver services in different ways allows practices to meet the changing needs of an increasing population. Working together helps practices to become more efficient, and helps the people who work in them to access a wide range of professional support and advice, enhancing their skills and widening the range of services they can offer to patients.

Working together means working with other professionals as well as with each other. We are developing robust partnerships with the statutory, business, third and community sectors to collectively roll out programmes that strengthen our capacity to deliver new services out of hospital.


Working for GPs

As more people with complex health needs receive care in the community, GPs are having to reshape and transform their services to benefit from economies of scale. Bolton GPs want to offer a greater range of services, continuity of care, longer consultations and longer opening hours and all based on a sustainable operating model that will continue to grow into the future.

The Federation provides practices with an umbrella that can be ready to provide services offered by the CCG, the Local Authority and other commissioners; make efficiency savings for example in back office functions or the procurement of practice services; improve local service integration across practices and other providers and enhance the capacity of practices to compete with external private sector companies.


Working for you

Primary care is central to the health and wellbeing of patients, their carers and the wider community. We already see in this current climate and times and its importance will grow. Working as a Federation means that we can support practices’ training and education towards achieving clinical excellence and good, person-centred care; strengthen their clinical governance and improve the quality and safety of services for patients.

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