Lucy- My time at Bolton GP Federation

During my time at Bolton GP Federation, I have been provided with some excellent experiences and given many opportunities that I can take forward with me.

When I first arrived at the federation, I was apprehensive about entering a different environment and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, upon arrival I was greeted and instantly felt very welcome. Clear instructions were given to me and there was always someone around to offer help and guidance if it was ever needed.  Everyone works together to create an excellent workspace and a positive attitude towards their work and I immediately felt like part of the team.

 I spent most of my time in the executive office and the Primary Care Network office completing a variation of different tasks, like completing important training courses that I can take forward with me and working on a research project regarding barriers the NHS face providing healthcare and what can be done to break these down. I spent a day at Bolton Health Hive observing Covid vaccinations taking place and completing surveys with patients afterwards. The nurses were keen to demonstrate their roles to me and I am thankful to have been given this experience as it has exposed me to more career ideas to consider for the future.

I also got given the chance to take part in a Charity Committee meeting with several members of the Federation where they discussed different charities in and around Bolton to fund and support. This impressed me as it showed me how eager the Federation are to aid and grow the community around them.

I completed a session of Communications Training with members of staff which enabled me to learn how to communicate better with others and understand different perspectives on people’s opinions and actions. This is one of many things the Federation has provided me with that will be useful to me throughout my next steps in life.

I am so thankful for everything Bolton GP Federation has done for me over the past week and I hope that one day I will be able to work in such positive conditions with colleagues that are as passionate about their work and care for their colleagues in the same way all of the staff do here.